Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Post Without a Title

 The Dress
 Look at the detail!.. It's made to look like a water color painting

Old Navy Shirt
Hollister shorts/belt
Deena & Ozzy boots
H&M Floppy Hat

A Short Shopping Story
by yours truly 

Since my friends recent departure to college in Santa Barbra I have been making frequent trips up there to visit her. While visiting I stumbled upon yet another LF. Just my luck, honestly. The last thing I needed to do was shop but they were having a sale and it is quite difficult to pass up a sale let alone an "LF Sale". So I stepped in hoping that I wouldn't find anything. Within five minutes of browsing the shelves I found the high-low dress I saw at LF Larchmont here in LA. It had been marked down from $80.00 to $30.00. "Why does this always happen to me", I asked myself. This proves that I having some sort of shopping curse (don't know whether it is a curse of not but I am calling it a curse until further notice). So you can guess what happened next, I picked it up and bought it of course. As a very experienced shopper I believe that some things are meant to be in your closet and this particular dress was meant to be in my closet.

I am in the process of releasing my closet of some of my old shoes because style is a changin  and so is the weather! haha Hope you guys had an awesome weekend.

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