Saturday, September 10, 2011


This year, my FNO experience was a huge success. Before the festivities started my friend woke me up out of my routine afternoon nap to let me know that one of our favorite stores, LF had yet another mark down. The shoes were now 28$... I could not resist so I rushed to get ready and left with the Jeffrey Campbell vegan booties I've been eyeing all year! I also got a maxi dress and a cute shirt. Photos coming soon!

My friend Nayeli and her friend Claudia started out on our fashion venture at the beverly center. We were right on time and got the perfect spot right in front of the velvet rope. The models were amazing, the clothes were amazing, everything was amazing. The dresses were all very red carpet appropriate and I loved how diverse they were. I think that anyone from a 25 year old stylish to a 50+ Oscar nominee would look stunning in any one. When the show was over Nayeli spotted her friend's step Dad interviewing some people. Her friend's parents work for Telemundo and gave Nayeli a press pass so she was able to get on the red carpet and take pictures of Nicole Richie! We were so surprised at how aggressive all the paps were. Nayeli was getting pushed around, some what like a stick in the wind.

We left the Beverly Center after a few hours of window shopping and outfit watching. We then headed to Rodeo Drive! Rodeo Drive was waaay waay different than the Beverly Center. The people were different, you could really see the difference in class by the outfits people wore. As soon as we hit Rodeo I spotted out some amazing Prada shoes from last season. At the Beverly Center I looked very hard for any sign of "heavy duty", straight off of the runway fashion but only found the ever so common Steve Madden, Louboutin, Jeffrey Campbell ect.. Going to Rodeo was very inspirational. I loved the atmosphere, almost everyone there took fashion sooo serious, as do I.

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