Sunday, September 18, 2011


Old Navy Sweater
Diesel Jeans
Jeffrey Campbell Boots


  1. Oh hello gorgeous... fabulous boots!

  2. In response to your question about landing the styling gig: it was a combination of having a account and my blog. ModelMayhem is crazy high traffic for undiscovered and semi-pro stylists, MUA, models and photographers. It's so easy to find people to collab with in your area. Just make sure you stick to your guns-- don't settle for a gig that's "kind of" your style. And be pleasurable to work with and professional.

    I found a photog I liked, told her I wanted to collab soon, she saw my blog, asked me to style her next shoot and she submitted the shoot to a magazine. Viola ;)

  3. You look like you had such a good time, and it looks like you've got a bunch of lovely and gorgeous friends. xxx

  4. Looks like a good time!