Monday, August 29, 2011

When Will I See You Again?

(Images via Vogue Italia)

Before you read my short story just know, by posting these pictures above am I not in any way down playing or poking fun at death. The pictures above have a certain dramatic and real emotion that I believe strongly represents how a person is feeling in this particular situation.

Yesterday I attended my first funeral. This funeral was not just any kind of funeral, it was a Jewish service which is a bit different from a regular funeral. The person who died was one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. Her name was Silvia, she was my friend's Aunt. The past 3 years we spent the holidays at her house, she had cancer and was very weak. I always imagined she would be one of the few miracle stories that you hear about on tv, after she got better we would laugh about this terrible time. 

The service was beautiful and very classy. I believe that every single person she had made an impact on in her life attended. All of the guest filled up every single row in the chapel. When I heard her sister speak (my friends mom) I could not stop crying. I myself, could not imagine loosing someone I have been close to all of my life, my family, and my blood. When she was lowered into the ground we all stood in line and shoveled a bit of dirt onto her casket (this is a Jewish tradition).

The Rabbi said something very interesting and comforting. At first he asked us a rhetorical question, "Why did God create people?" "God created people because he likes stories, and Silvia's was a best seller"

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