Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Distractions....

This Summer I decided to make some what of a wish list of the activities that I would like to do before the summer is over. The list included things such as; getting a job, going surfing, doing motor cross, going to a gun range, paint balling ect...
It is now August 10th and I have only gotten not just one job but two, and went surfing.
Because of my jobs I haven't had the time to do every single one on my list.

Surfing was such an amazing experience.
A couple of my coworkers are from Brazil and are really into surfing. After getting to know them a bit better I decided to ask them to help teach me how to surf. I brought one of my closest friends, Michonne along for my surfing adventure. 
At first I was convinced that surfing was going to be a piece of cake for me. Sometimes I have too much faith in myself. lol
When I finally got into the water with my huge long board I knew I was anything BUT a natural.
Paddling out to where the big waves were was sooo tiring. I felt like I was using all of the muscles in my body but yet I hardly moved at all. I imagine that it must of been quite hilarious to on lookers watching from the shore.

Although I was struggling I didn't give up and eventually I caught my first wave, all by myself.
I was so proud. haha {this is so corny} I found that surfing helps you release a lot of stress and is brilliant for exercise.

I am very interested in investing in a board of my own, once I finally get a set of wheels of course. ;)

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