Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Beginnings..

Today is the first day of my new blog. I had been contemplating for quite some time on whether or not I should make a new blog. My old blog was a bit all over the place. I thought to myself, "a new blog is the best idea for the beginning of August." This summer I decided to take off from school, although I am out of school I manage to keep very busy working two jobs on opposite sides of town here in LA.

In other news am currently single which is kind of "newish" news I guess you could say. For some reason I cared too much for my significant other. If I am interpreting the situation correctly, I believe he said [&& not in these exact words], "you are cool to hang out with but not good enough to be deeply involved with."  "My friends come first in my life then my family, then a few other things... then you" "However, I do expect you to be around whenever it is convenient for me." "We can act like we're together [be friends with benefits] when I feel like it."

Exaggerating is not something I do too often, I exaggerate when I am very very deeply upset. In the small paragraph above I was NOT exaggerating.

My plans:
This year I plan to work on myself as a person. Confidence is something that I lack, and by the end of this year it is something that I would love to have a lot of. In addition, I would love to have some new friends. As I  am growing older, and further maturing, I have noticed that a lot of my friends seem to be standing still. It seems a lot of them are not thinking about the future and are not maturing as they should at such a time in their lives. This has been a wake up call for me. Continuing to surround myself with people who intend on doing little to nothing with their future lives is not beneficial to me. Finding new friends should not be difficult, especially living here in LA. Los Angeles is filled with lots of different kinds of people. I love my city.

In conclusion, I hope all of my readers enjoy this blog as much as you did my old one, if not more. To the new readers welcome. I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer. This is me, I am an open book. Judge me if you please.

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